Corbett Tiger Reserve India

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Forest Rest House Booking in Corbett National Park

Dhikala Forest Lodge

Dhikala Forest Lodge, situated in the core area of Corbett National park, is one of the best place to stay coz of its location and facilities, although the facilities it offers is basic. Dhikala has the maximum bed capacity among the forest lodges. It offers rooms as well as dormitory accommodation.

Features - Dhikala is the largely famous region of Jim Corbett National park and major administrative centre at the Corbett Park. At Dhikala one can perceive wild animals wandering at bulky in their scenic territory. One can take notice of boisterous of wild animals from accommodation of Dhikala Forest Lodge. visitors can see Wild Elephants, Wild Boars, Deer and some times tigers from tourist Complex only, all you necessitate to bring a superior binocular.

Accommodation - Dhikala forest lodge has two factions mature and innovative and both offer accommodation in addition to dormitory rooms. It has 22 rooms, and two dormitory including 24 Beds. As the accommodation is partial at dhikala forest lodge it is sensible to formulate a preceding booking.

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Sarpduli Forest Lodge

Sarapduli is one of the best places in Corbett to see the large mammals like tiger, elephant and others proximately. The Sarapduli Rest House (located on the Dhangarhi-Dhikala road) is situated in downstream of Gairal that is on the south of the Ramganga River. Near the river, you can see several bird species and crocodiles. If you are bird and large mammal lover, Sarapduli is the place to come.

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Sultan Forest Lodge

Sultan rest house is the first rest house in Corbett tiger Resreve, Since this is only 10 Kms inside from the Dhangari Gate, It situated is Dhikala. If you want to stay there, then you have to carry your foods, Since the forest department don't provide the foods facilities here. In the night you can not sit here in the vranadh of the lodge, Because here are no Solar fence, as it is in Dhikala & Gairal.

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Kanda Forest Lodge being surrounded by 50 KMS distant from Dhangari gateway and a good number hightest in the park, tenders the lenient lavishness of a hush-hush cottage by means of the service of a five star hotel, and positioned in the north surface of the Corbett National Park from where you can observe the picturesque gorgeousness of Ramganga River, and this area is illustrious for his birds, atmosphere, foliage, fauna, vegetation and natural world.

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