Corbett Tiger Reserve India

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Eco Development and Eco-Tourism in Corbett National Park India

The local population should be concerned leading to the generally economic development of the area. The likely conflicts between resource use for ecotourism and the livelihood of local inhabitants should be recognized and attempts made to minimize the same. The type and scale of eco-tourism development should be friendly with the environment and socio-cultural individuality of the local community, and it should be considered as a division of the overall region development approach, guided by an integrated land-use plan avoiding inter-sectoral conflicts and ensuring sectoral integration, associated with equal expansion of community services.

Today the "Green Laws" of conservation are making community aware of how man and the environment can live symbiotically for extra time to come and ecotourism is the only ways maximize the economic, environmental and social profit of tourism. Everyone is a stakeholder in the development and we clearly need to avoid our past shortcomings and negative impact that they have had.

This is not easily possible to keep away human-animal clashes in such conditions. It was started an Eco-development Program to engage villagers in clash reduction and biodiversity preservation by the forest department in Corbett National Park of India. Eco-development groups consisting of legislative body of both villagers and the forest division of Corbett Tiger Reserve India, are being encouraged to allow society to plan and apply programs for resource preservation and create source of revenue. In the inopportune case a human casualty caused by wild animals ex-gratia aid is given to the affected villagers. In addition, sufficient recompense is provided for domestic animals kills and crop damage by wild elephants.