Corbett Tiger Reserve India

Corbett National Park India

Do's and Don't in Corbett National Park

Do's in corbett

Wear some kind of dull colors like green or gray clothing. Bright clothes (White & Red) are inadvisable.

Use toilets at authorized place only.

Maintain absolute silence during elephant rides.

Bring sufficient cash in Indian currency to effect payment of dues as no other mode of payment is allowed in the market.

Switched off light and fans and closer water taps when not in use.

Park your vehicles at the places set apart for the same.

Please throw biodegradable litter into garbage bins only.

Visitors are required to carry a litter bag while entering the Tiger Reserve and bring back their non-bio-degradble litter.

Don't in corbett

Visitors are not permitted to venture into non designated routes.

Do not damage plants or animal life.

Pets, transistors and tape-recorders are not permitted in the park.

Do not smoke in the forest.

Do not throw trash, litter, peels of fruits etc.

Do not attempt to feed the wild animals.

Do not use polythene bags.

Do not damage plants and flowers.

Do not walk into the forest yourself.

Do not make loud noises.

Avoid fast driving and blowing of horns as same is not allowed.